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Brainchild Design is a multi-disciplinary design practice specialising in Product and Experience design. We believe in providing creative and context specific design solutions.

Our design process is a rigorous exercise in creating and problem-solving. The constant need to interpret the user observations, market data, cultural subjectivity, brand aspirations, technical requirements, and at the same time- keeping a keen eye on the future of the design.

Through this process, we strive to create Products and Experiences that have a higher level of visual, functional and technical sophistication, as well as embody the real business values of our clients.

Whether a minor improvement on an existing product or a ground-up design and development process- we can do it all. From modular furniture designs, UI/UX and product design to simple kitchen products and appliances.

We work with clients at different stages of their design process. We can come on board at a latter part and help bring an initial concept to fruition, or even at the earliest part to help develop the 'concept'.



  • Product


    Brainchild are well equipped with product designers trained to tackle any design challenge.

  • Electronic


    We are also capable of providing simple solutions for complex consumer electronics.

  • Experience


    Our team aim to create expression of exceptional immersive experiences through design in a given space or enviorment.

  • UI/UX


    We know how to maximise user experience by translating interfaces through the language of design.

  • Prototyping


    With access to wood, plastic, metal workshops and 3D printers; we can almost build anything. Almost.

  • Packaging


    At Brainchild, we judge a book by its cover. Therefore, understand the importance of that cover.



Arjun Dutt

Arjun graduated in 2015 from the University of Kent, England with a degree in Experience Design & Production. An experience designers’ role is to make people engage/interact with a certain installation or place so they can walk away knowing they've had a multi sensory experience. Experience designers are versed in most things but are best at one thing in particular. Arjun's particular is Spatial and Set design.

Samarthya Bhargava

Samarthya started his studies at the Herberger Institute for Design at Arizona State University in 2011 majoring in Industrial Design(BSc) after which he transferred to Brunel University where he finished with a Product Design Engineering (BA) degree. After working at Roper Rhodes, Bath he decided to move back and bring with him the international standard of design to India.